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Experience The New Nicaragua

With an abundance of natural amenities, resources and a country-wide dedication to the growth of industry and tourism, Nicaragua has fast become a blossoming land of opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and locals alike. Overseas tourism, especially from the United States has grown significantly in the past few years. After years of political setbacks, Nicaragua has emerged as a stable nation and is quickly evolving into one of the most varied and interesting destinations in Central America.

What Excellent Resort Communities Are Made Of

When you think about an excellent beachfront community, what comes to mind?

For most people it would be pristine beachfront land maintained in impeccable condition, a wide array of amenities to enjoy and a peaceful place to relax with family where security is never a concern. Grupo Mariana is in the process of delivering all this and more. Investors and second-home buyers are finding the sun shines brightly in the Central American hotspot of Nicaragua.

Think beachfront is out of reach?

Not any more…

Introducing Isla Mariana Beachfront Retreat

Isla Mariana is a private, island community for those who are in search of quiet solace, becoming in touch with nature and re-centering their minds and spirits. The master plan features a boutique hotel & spa, true beachfront home sites and a recreational marina. The master plan for Isla Mariana features a recreational marina, true freehold title beachfront home sites and a boutique hotel. The development includes 17 acres situated on a peninsula that spans 11 kilometers in length and commands stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.


Coming Soon: Grupo Mariana’s Flagship Development in Nicaragua

The resort is comprised of the most highly sought-after beachfront real estate in Nicaragua spread over 600 acres of natural beauty located outside the capital city of Managua, Nicaragua, in an area surrounded by the towns of Montelimar, Pochomil and Masachapa in the municipality of San Rafael Del Sur and features 1 kilometer of pristine tropical Pacific beachfront.


Introducing Laya Boutique Hotel

LAYA Boutique Hotel is a completely unique hospitality offering within the country of Nicaragua. A relaxed, eco-conscious hideaway for those looking for a private beachfront experience, LAYA will offer boutique hotel condominiums and bungalows just steps from the Pacific Ocean.


Custom Build Home Sites

These one of a kind homes benefit from fantastic views over the Pacific and very unique layouts, making the homes ideal for entertaining. The perfect place to unwind and indulge, comfort awaits you in these 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes within walking distance of an unblemished beach and perfectly positioned among the Nicaraguan landscape, surrounded by manicured resort grounds creating a tranquil paradise.

Grupo Mariana Custom Beachfront Homes in Nicaragua

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