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Grupo Mariana Fostering Business With Purpose In Nicaragua

Grupo Mariana’s companies are involved in the development and sale of Nicaraguan real estate, the creation and management of authentic Nicaraguan hospitality experiences and the export and promotion of Nicaraguan products. The foundation of our business is to promote Nicaragua’s rich natural assets to the rest of the world, while consistently reinvesting profits directly into the growth and sustainability of the country’s future.

Grupo Mariana, the organization responsible for the planning and development of the LAYA Resort, has strategically repositioned their real estate products; hospitality offerings and alliances within the community to better reflect the interests of buyers in today’s market. Their recent focus on developing a strong, responsible strategy for future development and their location on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast has made the community very attractive to new investors and partnerships.

Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana states, “We have approached these post-recessionary times with much more than a “renewed spirit.” Our recent strategic alliances and investment relationships have given us the utmost confidence in the future for LAYA Resort. We are moving forward, creating an oceanfront community with the rock-strong foundation of our anchors and alliances, as well as a plan for sustained reinvestment in the surrounding region.

We believe that acting in the best interest of the community is for the highest good of all concerned. Hence, all businesses, initiatives and brand segments under the Grupo Mariana name originate from and give back to the country of Nicaragua by reinvesting in the strengthening and overall economic growth of Nicaraguan communities. At Grupo Mariana, this is accomplished through a dedication to philanthropic giving.

Every Grupo Business. Every Grupo Sale.

In 2010, Grupo Mariana introduced a program called “5% for Futures” which promises to donate 5% of all closed sales from all Grupo Mariana businesses to a fund that is governed by their foundation, Fundación Grupo Mariana. The goal of the 5% for Futures Program is to help drive the economic growth and sustainability of the greater Mariana Region, creating an attractive area for the sustained growth of tourism activities. 5% For Futures is not only a program. It is Grupo Mariana’s Promise, and their reason for being in business in the first place. ng is a brief look at Grupo Mariana’s new strategic alliances:

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